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Bridlington Masonic Hall, St. Johns Avenue, Bridlington. YO16 4NG. Telephone: 01262 672519.

History of Lodge 6843

History of Lodge 6843

Brid school

The Old Bridlingtonian Lodge is a schools lodge which was founded in 1949. It was until very recently a ‘closed lodge’ which is to say that only former pupils and staff of Bridlington School were eligible to join. This has now been relaxed and the Lodge is now open to any prospective members.

As a member of the Federation of Schools Lodges, we have close links with other schools lodges in the area, whose members often attend our meetings and the friendly rivalry previously encountered when the schools met on the sport field permeate the conversations.

Many Lodge members are also member of the Old Bridlingtonian Club, which maintains strong links with the school and its former pupils and staff.

It is permitted for Old Bridlingtonian Club members to wear the Old Bridlingtonian Club tie at our meetings.

At our November meeting, designated Founders Night, we honour the founding members of the Lodge.

Many of the names will be very familiar to Bridlingtonians as prominent business people of the town in former times and through to the present day.