Bridlington Masonic Hall

The Home of Freemasonry in Bridlington

Bridlington Masonic Hall, St. Johns Avenue, Bridlington. YO16 4NG. Telephone: 01262 672519.

Bridlington Bay 9778

Bridlington Bay

Bridlington Bay Lodge No.9778

The Lodge meets on the fourth Wednesday of April, June, August & November at 11am.
Installation – Fourth Wednesday in June, starting at 11am.

Welcome to the Bridlington Bay Lodge No. 9778
The Worshipful Master of the Lodge 2019
W. Bro. Darren J. Rea

History of Lodge No.9778

Bridlington Bay

The Bridlington Bay Daylight Lodge was founded in 2003.  It was principally conceived as a lodge where Masons who found it difficult or impractical to attend a lodge meeting in the evening, particularly when it came to digesting a substantial meal late at night, could continue their masonry.  The Lodge members are sometimes joined by their partners for a luncheon after the meeting, except at the installation.