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History of Servitas KT No. 608

History of Servitas KT No. 608


The Servitas Preceptory was consecrated on the 4th October 1997 by R.E. Kt. Ewan David Dawes JP the Provincial Prior of Northumberland; he was assisted by Officers of the Provincial Priories of Northumberland and North & East Yorkshire.

The Preceptory joins a small group of Bodyguard Preceptories in England and Wales, and it was for this reason that Northumberland was chosen to perform the consecration ceremony, they being the latest Province to have a Bodyguard Preceptory.

At that time R.E. Kt. Ernest Peter Donnison was the Provincial Prior for North & East Yorkshire and he became the first Eminent Preceptor with E. Kt. Peter John Hall, who at that time was the Provincial Sub Prior, as First Constable.

The Preceptory meets at the Masonic Hall in Bridlington on the 1st Monday in March and the 4th Monday in September.

Present & past members of the Bodyguard are eligible to join.

The Preceptory banner, as above, was made as the rallying call to the Knights of the Preceptory and encompasses the motto “SEMPER VIGILANS” meaning ‘ever watchful