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Following Government guidlines, meetings are now resumed. This, however, may change at any time.


It is with sincere regret I must inform you that

W. Bro. Paul Cleghorn Morrison

has passed to the Grand Lodge Above

on Sunday 16th January 2022

Funeral arrangements will be circulated when known

W. Bro. Paul Cleghorn Morrison 26 January 1955 – 16 January 2022

Initiated into the Semper Vigilans Lodge No. 3040 (Met) on 19 April 1989.  He was WM in December 1994, 1996 & 2000. 

Became a joining member of Londesborough Lodge No. 734 on 10 January 2017 and was to have been appointed PPJGD under Rule 69 (b) in May 2022.

A joining member of Londesborough Chapter No. 734 on 8 March 2017 as a Past First Principal and currently MEZ.

Advanced into the Londesborough Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 291 on 8 August 2018.

Installed as a Knight of the Order of Knights Templar in the Londesborough Preceptory No. 202 on 26 June 2017 and currently Eminent Preceptor.

A joining member of Londesborough Rose Croix Chapter No. 208 in 2017


Requiescat in Pace

Here we go at long last we can get together with our ladies to celebrate.
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Send your choices to The Lodge Secretary.

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This will be our first ‘live’ ceremony for nearly two years, so please make every effort to attend (unless it’s your birthday!).  We will be passing Bro. Colin Smith to the Second Degree.  Just to reiterate, there will be a rehearsal on Monday 4thOctober, which will be a final chance for the Brethren doing floor work to perfect their ritual.  I am delighted to announce that W. Bro. Peter Gruncell and four Brethren from Scotland will be joining us for the evening.

Dear Brethren

For your information

The Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Sykes Lodge 1040, cordially invite your Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren to visit our lodge at the September Meeting on Wed 15 Sep 21 @ 1630 hrs. The difference with this meeting is that our Worshipful Master who was installed at our Jun 21 meeting under the Rule of 6 due to COVID-19 restrictions was never given a full installation ceremony. To rectify this we will be conducting an “Installation Reenactment”. Summons attached. 

The meal for the evening will be as follows, at the cost of £14.00:

Starter – Pate
Mains – Roast Beef, Yorkshire pud, roasters and veg
Dessert – Apple Crumble and Custard

Should you wish to take part in the festive board or require a vegetarian option etc, please ensure you contact the Lodge Catering Officer W. Bro Tim Kirby in good time to avoid disappointment, all details are as per the summons. 

The Worshipful Master is looking forward to seeing you all again after such a long time away from the lodge and socialising with brethren from our sister lodges.

Yours fraternally

secretary signature

W. Bro. John Watson PPGSuptWks


Londesborough No. 734


Londesborough Ladies Night
will be held on
Friday 19th November 2021
Belvedere Golf Club. 

Please reserve the date in your diaries.
 Further details to follow.

Dear Brethren
A limited business meeting (Rule of 6) may be possible in early June, with a more conventional resumption in July.
W. Bro. Edward Taylor is due to receive his 60 Year Certificate from June onwards, so this may be an apposite occasion to resume on such a positive note.

Yours fraternally

secretary signature

W. Bro. John Watson PPGSuptWks
Secretary Londesborough No. 734

provincial logo

Masonic Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings

PO Box 235, Redcar. TS10 9BP

24th March 2021

Dear Brother Secretary/Companion Scribe Ezra,

Lifting of Local General Suspension

You will be aware that some time ago the Provincial Grand Master suspended Masonic activity in the Province until further notice, pending a relaxation by the Government of Covid-19 restrictions and until meetings, in whatever format, were permitted by law.

Assuming that the Road Map published by the Government remains unaltered it would be possible for Lodges and Chapters to meet, under the ‘Rule of 6’, with effect from the 17th May.

Any Lodge or Chapter wishing to meet with six members present that is fully compliant with all Government guidelines in force at that time may do so, and the local general suspension will therefore be lifted with effect from the 17th May. 

If a meeting is possible in accordance with the By-Laws of a Lodge or Chapter then no dispensation is necessary, but where a dispensation is required you will need to request one in good time to be able to issue a summons.

It is important to reiterate that any Lodge or Chapter meeting prior to a general lifting of all national Covid-19 restrictions, which is currently scheduled for the 21st June, must be fully compliant with all guidelines and it is for them, in conjunction with their venues, to ensure that this is the case.

Yours etc. 

W.E. Glanville

Provincial Grand Secretary

Provincial Grand Scribe E

W. Bro. Christopher John Thomas is to have the Grand Rank of

Past Grand Standard Bearer

conferred upon him at the next Investiture Meeting of United Grand Lodge.

He will also be given the same rank in the Royal Arch.  He will take up the role of Third Provincial Grand Principal in this Province at the Convocation in May.

He is the first Brother to attain Grand Rank in the entire history of the St. John of Bridlington Lodge No. 4434, which will be celebrating their Centenary Year in 2022.

Congratulations Bro. Chris – well deserved!

NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers Day – Monday 5th July 2021


Dear Bro Secretary & Brethren

The recent sombre news that Covid-19 related deaths have now exceeded 100,000 was indeed a very low point in all our lives and most likely caused us all to reflect on the enormity of this horrific pandemic. In the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, “100,000 isn’t just an abstract figure. Each number is a person: someone we loved and someone who loved us”.
Whilst the number is both staggering and quite frightening, we should also consider what that number might actually be had it not been for the heroic efforts of our NHS workers who have put themselves in the frontline to save, care and protect those who have caught the disease. For this very particular reason, Freemasons throughout England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are giving their full support to the NHS Workers day on Monday 5th July.

Our Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Jeffrey Gillyon, has given his wholehearted support to our planned Provincial Events and hopes as many Lodges as possible within his Province will take part. The range of events will very much depend on whatever restrictions are in place by the 5th July, hopefully, the rollout of vaccine will ensure limitations are at a minimum as we expect the restriction on social mobility to have been relaxed before the day.
The following is a suggested format for your Lodge to engage with. It is not exhaustive. Should your Lodge have any further suggestions on how best to celebrate and promote the day, then please go ahead and feel free to share your ideas with me for onward transmission to other Lodges within the Province.

• Each Lodge / Masonic Centre to display a banner promoting the day. The banner will be of similar size to the 2017 Tercentenary banners. Our Provincial Grand Master has kindly arranged for the cost of these banners to paid for by our Province. It is intended that banners are put up during the month of April giving ample notice of the day.
• Brethren may wish to consider buying one of the smaller flags (as detailed on the website below) for display at their homes. This is not mandatory but would indicate our collective support of the NHS.

• Each Lodge / Masonic centre to open their doors to the public from say 10am to 3pm. Provide public with a cup of tea / coffee and a biscuit. Public to view a display / exhibition of the wonderful work (Covid-19 related) carried out by the NHS staff plus a display of how Freemasons have helped during the pandemic – provision of PPE, scrubs, visors, hand sanitiser, Laptops, help with Foodbanks and the homeless, specific local aid and assistance etc. Community Engagement will liaise with the NHS to obtain generic pictures for their part of the display and they will also help with local lodge displays if needed.
• Should members of the public enquire more about Freemasonry, then be prepared to show them around the Lodge and promote our organisation as much as possible for the benefit of future new recruits.
• Each Lodge / Masonic centre to invite NHS workers to come along between 4pm and 6pm for afternoon tea. It is hoped that partners / wives of brethren will assist with cakes, scones, sandwiches etc. Community Engagement will advise where to send out invitations.
• Invite local dignitaries to attend the afternoon tea session. Take pictures or invite the local press to cover the event.
It is recognised that not all Lodge meeting places are suitable for public admission. If you deem that your lodge falls into that category, then please consider “joining forces” with another nearby lodge to help out on the day. Similarly, York and Hull have more than one Masonic centre and, at the time of writing, it has been agreed that only Castlegate and Duncombe Place, in York and Dagger Lane, in Hull will participate. Members of those lodges which meet in St. Saviourgate and Beverley Road may wish to collaborate with the participating Masonic Halls if they wish to be included in the celebrations.
The banners referred to above are designed so that they may be displayed to either promote and support the day or to be used to also invite the public and NHS workers to attend.
Details of who is involved and what “national” events are being planned can be found at:
UGLE and our Provincial Grand Master see this day as a great opportunity for Freemasons to engage with their local communities and demonstrate our collective thanks for all that the NHS has done during this horrific pandemic. Should you require any help, advice or support, please contact me at Further communications will follow in due course. In the meantime, please keep referring to the dedicated website and look out for National media coverage via The Daily Express
I would be grateful if you could circulate this letter to the brethren of your Lodge and give me an early indication as to whether your Lodge will be prepared to participate in the day’s events. Regardless, whatever the situation with the pandemic restrictions, the Provincial Grand Master expects all Masonic Halls will display the banner provided.

Yours Sincerely & Fraternally
Les Kirby
Community Engagement Lead – Province of Yorkshire North & East Ridings

Dear Brethren


It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you of the very sad news of the passing of RW Bro John Malcolm Raylor – Past Provincial Grand Master. RW Bro Raylor passed away peacefully on Thursday 11th February 2021. He was the Provincial Grand Master of our Province between 1991 and 1995, was a well respected and experienced Freemason and he will be sadly missed. Our condolences go out to his family at this very sad time. Details of his funeral will be circulated when known.


Yours fraternally

W. Bro. John Watson PPGSuptWks


Londesborough No. 734

Dear Brethren 

It is with great sadness that I have just learned that 

Bro. Michael Barry Dooks Passed to the Grand Lodge Above on

Tuesday 6th October 2020. 

He had been bravely battling cancer, which is why he did not attend the Lodge in the last year or so.  Having being Initiated into the Londesborough Lodge in 1975, he chose to remain as a Master Mason and had no desire to progress through the offices with a view of attaining the Chair.  He was however a very fine and knowledgeable ritualist, who having learnt his ritual in his formative years, was able to recite it almost at will years later.

You will observe that this notice is rather late in the day, but I only learned of his passing when his Daughter got in touch to ask that we cease sending emails to his account.  As you will appreciate, this was very embarrassing and I have offered our belated condolences and apologies for our unintended crassness.  It does act as a salutary reminder that we should all strive to keep in touch and not rely on the Almoner, who is only informed by the flow of the information he receives.  If you become aware of a Brother or family member being unwell or needing assistance, please get in touch, so that we can react in a sensitive and timely fashion.