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Following Government guidlines, meetings are now resumed. This, however, may change at any time.

Bro. Michael Barry Dooks

Dear Brethren 

It is with great sadness that I have just learned that 

Bro. Michael Barry Dooks Passed to the Grand Lodge Above on

Tuesday 6th October 2020. 

He had been bravely battling cancer, which is why he did not attend the Lodge in the last year or so.  Having being Initiated into the Londesborough Lodge in 1975, he chose to remain as a Master Mason and had no desire to progress through the offices with a view of attaining the Chair.  He was however a very fine and knowledgeable ritualist, who having learnt his ritual in his formative years, was able to recite it almost at will years later.

You will observe that this notice is rather late in the day, but I only learned of his passing when his Daughter got in touch to ask that we cease sending emails to his account.  As you will appreciate, this was very embarrassing and I have offered our belated condolences and apologies for our unintended crassness.  It does act as a salutary reminder that we should all strive to keep in touch and not rely on the Almoner, who is only informed by the flow of the information he receives.  If you become aware of a Brother or family member being unwell or needing assistance, please get in touch, so that we can react in a sensitive and timely fashion.

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